Cycling to Paris for laughs and smiles

At Revealed Travel, we strongly believe in providing support and help for social projects in the regions where we work. In Latin America we are working with the travel industry to support social projects throughout the region. These projects are helping providing clean water, dental or medical support and practical training to provide people with new skills in Mexico, Central and South America. In South-East Asia our ground agents have introduced us to a number of social projects such as an orphanage in Cambodia and a restaurant in Laos which provides training and job opportunities for disadvantaged youths. Visiting such projects adds a different dimension to a holiday.

In the UK our team supports different fundraising events and initiatives and are actively involved with two key charities, the LATA Foundation, which was set up by the Latin America Travel Association and with the Todos Juntos Children’s Trust which provides free dental treatment to disadvantaged children in Argentina.

Creating Smiles in Argentina

Each year the three dental clinics run by Todos Juntos provides over 30,000 free treatments to some 6,000 children living in the slums of Buenos Aires. On average, each child needs five treatments before their mouth is restored to full health. Each treatment costs £6, so a new smile costs just £30.

“Many of the children have never even seen a toothbrush, let alone a dentist,” explains David Gilmour, one of our travel specialists for Latin America and an Ambassador for Todos Juntos. “Their dental care is transforming lives in South America.”

How you can help: London-Paris cycle ride

One of the trustees of Todos Juntos, Ed Heyden, is leaving London to cycle to Paris next week with three old chums.  While their trip to Paris might be a bit of a laugh, it has the very serious purpose of raising as much money as they can to help put smiles on the faces of children in Argentina.

All donations welcome: every penny goes directly to fund the clinics.

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Video report from Al-Jazeera (Registered Charity: 1123580) (Registered Charity: 1115344)