Tropical Storm Franklin – Belize and Mexico update

London, Tuesday 8 August: 17:00 BST

Tropical Storm Franklin will exit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula later today and head out into the Bay of Campeche.  The storm hit land at 11pm local time last night at Pulitclub, Mexico just north of the border with Belize.

Tropical storm warnings have now been dropped for the eastern Yucatan Peninsula.

Franklin is expected to hit land again tomorrow in the state of Veracruz, on the other side  of the Bay.

A hurricane watch and tropical storm warning has been issued by the Mexican authorities ahead of this second landfall in parts of eastern Mexico’s Veracruz state, including the city of Veracruz itself.



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Hurricane Advice: Tropical Storm Franklin heading for Mexico and Belize

London, Monday 7 August: 20.30 BST

A Tropical Storm formed in the Caribbean on Sunday and is gathering strength as it heads for the Yucatan Peninsula. The storm is expected to hit Belize and Mexico tonight with strong winds in excess of 40 mph, heavy rains and localised flooding. There may be some disruption to travel services in the coming days.

The coastal region from Cancun to Belize City is particularly expected to be affected and a hurricane watch has been issued by the government of Mexico for the section between Chetumal and Punta Allen.


As travellers to the region at this time of the year appreciate, storms can change course and intensify at short notice. For this reason, and although the track and strength of wind is regarded as a tropical storm, and not a hurricane,  we are monitoring the situation and are liaising with our ground agents in Mexico and Belize regarding any emergency and contingency plans for our own passengers.

In general terms, we advise travellers to follow the advice of hotel management over taking shelter and to cooperate with local authorities regarding any evacuation procedures should this be considered necessary.  The airport authorities will determine whether international and local flights will be able to take off and land.

Our ground agents in Belize and Mexico will endeavour to get in touch with all our passengers in places affected. They will liaise with hotels, resorts and lodges in the event of flooding, storm damage or road access. If local flights are disrupted (e.g. within Belize) they may be able to arrange a land transfer if it is safe to do so.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean traditionally runs from June to December. Tropical Storm Franklin is the 6th such storm in the current season for 2017.






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